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Why is it that more and more people are experiencing paranormal activity? What is it that we are experiencing? Was that a shadow I just saw more across the room? I just heard someone say something to me and I am alone? We hear these questions on a daily basis. Homeowners, business owners, people young and old, experiencing things they cannot explain. They know what they experienced is real...but how can that be? Who else is here with us? Why are they here? Will they hurt me or my family? Our team is called Professional Paranormal Investigations or PPI. We investigate paranormal activity here in Indiana and surrounding states. If you are looking for "Ghost Hunters" buy the DVD. We are a serious team of investigators, from all professional walks of life trying to find answers, scientific and spiritual answers to what all of the paranormal activity is.

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Investigation Our Group Will Never Forget

Posted on July 22, 2014

My first investigation was done at the Old Blackford County Hospital. My husband and I were doing pod cast interviews at the time and was invited to go with a group to this location. We arrived around 3 in the afternoon to do a walk through with the owners daughter. While waiting for her to arrive I looked around on the outside, it looked like your normal hospital, brick on the outside, shrubs, etc. No broken windows, nothing that would indicate there was any kind of activity. However once inside my thoughts changed. As we began our walk through, the building was very clean, still lots of furniture inside the building, it still had the hospital...

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