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Why is it that more and more people are experiencing paranormal activity? What is it that we are experiencing?

Was that a shadow I just saw more across the room? I just heard someone say something to me and I am alone?

We hear these questions on a daily basis. Homeowners, business owners, people young and old, experiencing things they cannot explain. They know what they experienced is real...but how can that be? Who else is here with us? Why are they here? Will they hurt me or my family?

Our team is called Professional Paranormal Investigations or PPI. We investigate paranormal activity here in Indiana and surrounding states. If you are looking for "Ghost Hunters" buy the DVD. We are a serious team of investigators, from all professional walks of life trying to find answers, scientific and spiritual answers to what all of the paranormal activity is.

We do not do this for fun. We take our job very seriously and thankfully love what we are doing. It is hard work and requires dedication from our entire research team on each and every investigation. We never charge for an investigation!

If you are experiencing activity read the investigation information and then use the contact form to reach us. We take each and every call seriously and we will keep your information strictly private. Confidentiality is our #1 priority.

Let us help you. If we accept your case, there is never any charges for any investigations we conduct.

We are looking for answers...you want answers...let the "Professionals" at PPI assist you today.




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